2020 Program Part 2

Block: Mostly European Variety - Saturday 09/19/20 at 3:00 pm


All the time in the world

Runtime: 0:05:00

Category/Genre: Short Shorts (Romance, Ageing, Coming of age)

Country/Language: Italy (Italian)

Synopsis: An old lady lets herself go with the stories of a sprightly old man, sitting next to her. But when she reveals that she is married, he waves her confused and goes away. The gentle goodbye she returns back reveals who is she actually married to.

Director(s): Riccardo Menicatti, Bruno Ugioli

Bio: "Riccardo Menicatti (Genova, 1986) makes his first short film in 2006 ‘La minestra’. He graduates in Communications and works on short films and videoclips with outstanding filmmakers. Nowadays he works for Rai Gulp.

Bruno Ugioli (Torino, 1989) graduates in Dams and begins to work as a filmmaker in 2011 for Università degli Studi di Torino and the production studio RECTV. In 2011 they created FuoricampoFilm, with Stefano D’Antuono making spots, videoclips, short films. Looking at the traditional ‘commedia all’italiana’ and updating it with fantasy and surreal elements, they tell stories about the weaknesses and contradictions of the society with an original point of view about humanity."


Runtime: 0:06:32

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: Italy (Italian)

Synopsis: Andrea, a famous businessman, has arrived in Italy in the seventies. To realize his dreams he had to hide, for his entire life, an Important secret.

Director(s): Riccardo D'Alessandro

Bio: "Riccardo was born in 1998 in Rome.

Film (director)

C'est la vie


Io che amo solo te




Runtime: 0:08:53

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: Germany

Synopsis: "ORPHEUS has had a long and intensive relationship with EURYDICE. He tries to live on, but cannot forget her. He becomes more and more melancholic every day. One morning Eurydice appears to him in a vision. Every detail in his life reminds him of her. Although he tries to forget Eurydice through another woman (MARIA), he does not feel ready for a new Love. In his desperation, the boundaries between dream and reality become blurred.

Director(s): Şıvan Kayaş

Et Tu Brute..?

Runtime: 0:08:54

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: Not Specified

Synopsis: The tale of two different human beings. An ode to Shakespeare.

Director(s): Arin Paul

Bio: "A graduate from Asian Academy of Film and Television, India, I, Arin Paul started my career, assisting various film makers in Delhi and Kolkata. At a very early age, I debuted as a Feature Film Director and my first Bengali Film 10:10 was indeed the talk of the town. Since then, I have been working independently on various projects like web series, short films, documentaries, video documentation, corporate films, commercials (ad-films), non-fiction television series etc. Not only have I directed projects for reputed channels like ZEE, Kolkata TV, Star Plus, etc., but was appreciated for my awareness films for Kolkata Traffic Police, documentary for Anandabazar Group (ABP Digital), Handi-Care International – Canada, Amar Seva Sangam, Development Action Society, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), TERI School of Advanced Studies (Formerly TERI University), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Coca-Cola, TVS Credit, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Reliance Energy – Mumbai, FOSMI and others. My videos for Amar Seva Sangam were highly appreciated and a token of appreciation was awarded during The International Conference on Early Intervention in Chennai in ’20. I was awarded the 'Rotary Youth Achiever of The Year (2008)'. My short film “Aehsaas” on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan won the “Certificate of Excellence” from NFDC and Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India in 2017. Quite a few films made by me have been screened at various film festivals.  With the motivation to work independently and creating meaningful content, I, in 2012, started directing and producing films under my own banner, “Arin Paul Productions” which is into production and film-making. Many of the aforementioned projects were made under this banner. Always looking for challenging and interesting projects, I never compromise on quality or content. I do work for other productions too.  


Runtime: 0:02:07

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: Argentina

Synopsis: A whole life, told only by hands.

Director(s): Agustin Soraire

Bio: Graduated in 2018 in Eliseo Subiela's Professional School of Cinema, in Buenos Aires, Agustin Soraire made many short animated films and worked as editor for companies. He also made brief classes in schools about cinema

Human Research

Runtime: 0:04:15

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: United States (English)

Director(s): WUREN


I Feel Alive

Runtime: 0:02:27

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: Poland (French)

Director(s): Wawrzyniec Turowski

Bio: Wawrzyniec Turowski (born June 20, 1996 in Rypin, Poland) makes documentary films, music videos, reportages and experimental films. In his movies, he touches on socially engaged topics, talks about extraordinary people, as well as shows things in a humorous way. He also paints surralistic, abstract and landscape paintings.


Runtime: 0:16:00


Country/Language: Spain (Spanish)

Synopsis: Santi is a university professor who in the near future is forced to teach at home because everything has led to home consumption: shopping, friends on social networks, sex, education ... There is a kind of technological agoraphobia, everything It is within our reach with one click. But there is still a place where everything is as before. And at the end of his class, Santi heads there.


King of the wind demons

Runtime: 0:15:43

Category/Genre: Shorts

Country/Language: France (French)

Synopsis: It’s New Year’s Eve. Sophie, a quasi-burnt-out intern at the psych emergency room, is in charge of admitting Marie, a troubled patient brought by the police following  a crisis. Despite her ramblings and her obvious distress, Marie has something special that confuses Sophie. During their conversation, Marie sees right through Sophie and makes remarks that lead Sophie to question deeply her relationship with her boyfriend Vincent. After tonight, nothing will ever be the same.

Director(s): Clémence Poésy

Lady hacker

Runtime: 0:03:00

Category/Genre: Short Shorts (Drama, Scifi)

Country/Language: Argentina

Synopsis: "Animated short film about being oblivious to inequality.

After suffering a technical breakdown, a programmer reaches another level of awareness where she discovers that her work is part of a network that prevents access to water by a large sector of the population. Finally, she uses her knowledge to rectify the situation."

Director(s): Isabel Macias

Bio: Initially trained as a teacher of Visual Arts, she later devoted herself to animated cinema addressing both classical and experimental cartoon techniques.

She is Animation Career Coordinator and Stop Motion Professor at the Film Institute of Avellaneda, Idac.

She is a founding member of the Argentine Animation Film Association. She belongs to RAMA, Red Argentina de Mujeres de la Animación. Together with other directors she directed En boca de todas and Veo Veo.  She participates in all actions aimed at ensuring the fair participation of women in animation cinema.  Her short films include El Correo, based on a short story by Julio Cortázar, La nena, El botón, Nina, En la banquina, Lady Hacker and Genesis."


Runtime: 0:15:00

Category/Genre: Shorts (Fiction, Romance)

Country/Language: Argentina (Spanish)

Synopsis: "Mateo lives inside a sports club with his father Daniel, who is the watchman of it. Once his mother dies the relationship with this place and everything near him is not the same. Something happens when Sofia arrives to the Club. Something new awakens the possibility to move on."

Director(s): Emiliano Martinez

Bio: "Emiliano Martinez, 1993, Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2012 he begins his filmmaking formation in the University of Buenos Aires where he had the opportunity to develop and shoot many projects as a film director. El Club/Mateo is his graduation film. Nowadays he is a film teacher in his university."

Stop the Bus

Runtime: 0:15:00

Category/Genre: Shorts

Country/Language: France (French)

Synopsis: A young woman wakes up tied in an underground parking lot. To save her life, she will have to submit to a game and discover her true nature.

Director(s): David Trujillo

Bio: "David graduated from the Universities of Evry and Paris 7 (Master of Cinematographic Studies, Master of Law, Jurist and Director of Cultural Structures, Bachelor of Art History). Writer and director, he is also the founder of the collective Esthésie (www.esthesie.fr).  He made a first short film Il était une fois, and shot the video clip Barbary. Then he goes on with several short films including Fumer Tue, Un Possible Univers, or Partis de rien…, who won the Jury Prize, the Public and the Special Prize of the festival Sookalafak, as well as the contest Cinékwanon. In parallel, he is developing the Kanon Pokajanen project, a short film inspired by the work of composer Arvö Part (presented in particular at the St-Petersburg Film House).  He then develops the short films Coma, Angle Mort and corealizes with Sébastien Corne a prelude to the Adonaï project entitled Le Rêve du Stalker. The latter is selected in 25 international festivals and is broadcast in more than 30 countries. After having made the first season of the series Frapuccino (44 nominations, 12 prizes), he works on the experimental film Hypnosis (42 selections, 3 prizes) and develops the Adonaï project.  His universe is full of references to spirituality, literature and is marked by fantasy and science fiction. Today, he is preparing new audiovisual projects, including Mirage (short film in production) and My Bike (feature film in writing)."

Wrong Fires For Right Hopes

Runtime: 0:17:41

Category/Genre: Shorts (Drama, Crime, Romance)

Country/Language: Italy (Italian)

Director(s): Luca Luongo

Block: UK/US Documentaries and Shorts - Saturday 09/19/20 at 6:30 pm


Memory of Mariga

Runtime: 0:15:00

Category/Genre: Documentary

Country/Language: Ireland (English)


"When Irish cinematographer Jules Charlton was a small child he got a ringside seat, through his mother’s great friendship with Mariga Guinness, to the historic achievements of Mariga and her husband Desmond after they co-founded the Irish Georgian Society and saved some of Ireland’s greatest buildings, such as Castletown House in Co. Kildare, from speculation or ruin.  In ‘Memory of Mariga’ Jules returns to Castletown house with his HD camera to document the house as it is today in the ownership of the Irish State and to share personal, impressionistic memories of Mariga, his mother Maureen and his childhood; playing alone in the rooms of Castletown and its surrounding woods. NB: due to time constraints this is a rough cut submission."

Director(s): Jules Charlton

Bio: Jules Charlton began his career in film as an editor at Telegael studios where he post-produced a wide range of programming for RTE and TG4. Moving up to producer his credits include The Road to Mandela [RTE], Blood on the Canvas [RTE], TG4’s Millennium Night Broadcast Celebrations [TG4] and Dracula [TG4]. More recently he studied film cinematography at Ballyfermot College of Further Education where he graduated with distinction. He has numerous short narrative film credits as cinematographer and his work has screened at festivals across Europe and America. He is the recipient of two awards at World Fest Houston.

The Lioness Club

Runtime: 0:27:08

Category/Genre: Shorts

Country/Language: United States (English)

Synopsis: They dreamed of a perfect community. A place where they're children would be safe from harm. They had a plan and they intended to execute it. When the neighborhood welcoming committee invites their newest neighbor over for a slice of pie, we soon realize they're intentions are far from neighborly. THE LIONESS CLUB is a dark comedy about four suburban housewives who will do anything to protect their young. As the blood pools we soon find they share more than cherry pie recipes! 'Desperate Housewives' meets 'Pulp Fiction' in this twisted comedy. When the justice system fails, these mothers rip off their aprons, extend their claws, and take out the trash!

Director(s): Chelsea Aldrich

The Ring That Tied The Room Together

Runtime: 1:03:00

Category/Genre: Documentary

Country/Language: Ireland (English)

Synopsis: "The Tivoli Theatre has become the holy ground for Irish wrestling the past four years, and this is all thanks to Over The Top Wrestling. A wrestling promotion originally created as an over 18’s experience, has given birth to a new generation of pro wrestling in Ireland. Bringing to our isles the greatest international talents in the world as well as nurturing home grown l superstars such as WWE’s Jordan Devlin & Session Moth Martina, Joe Cabray has created something extremely unique. With the planned demolition of the Tivoli and OTT having outgrown the place they called home anyway, we take a look behind the scenes, and document this special night."

Director(s): Shane O'Keeffe, Louis Buggy


Two Words

Runtime: 0:23:19

Category/Genre: Shorts (Drama, LGBTQ)

Country/Language: United Kingdom (English)

Synopsis: A dramatic account of grief and self-realization, when 64-year old Gavin reveals to his grown-up daughter, Victoria, that he's been living a lie during his 35 years of marriage and now intends to be true to himself.

Director(s): Jesper Emborg

Bio: "Award winning Danish director Jesper Emborg started his directing career in the 3rd grade where he, much to the surprise of his teachers, directed the school play.

Years down the line Jesper Emborg has directed a wide variety of fiction, commercials, music videos and corporate films. His work includes comedy, lifestyle, fashion among others.

Now his directorial portfolio covers vast ground, from commercial to corporate; shorts to promos; film, TV and multi platform media.

He has also written and directed drama and shows for television.

As a director Jesper has been asked to appear on TV in the capacity of director come presenter, in numerous documentaries and entertainment programs such as ‘Popstars’ and lately ‘Denmark’ s Next Topmodel.’ Jesper’s projects often feature in magazines and newspapers, attracting good PR.  Having worked in many positions in film production, Jesper is in the unique position where he has a deep understanding of filmmaking from the ground up.  Jesper is married to an English Ballerina and has a daughter.  Jesper Emborg splits his time between Copenhagen and London."

Block: Global Drama - Saturday 09/19/20 at 9:15 pm


Boats of Death

Runtime: 0:45:00

Category/Genre: Documentary

Country/Language: Norway (Arabic, English, Norwegian)

Synopsis: "Boats of Death is a Norwegian documentary film about the refugee crisis in Europe. The film highlights the dangerous routes across the Mediterranean to Europe the refugees take and the tragedies that have occured in the sea. The film handles the issue not from a political standpoint, but from a humane and social perspective. The three main stories shown in the film are of various refugees who made it. The emotional story of a woman separated from her child at sea, the tragic story of a doctor who was unable to save lives and the twisted tale of a young man who even failed to commit suicide to end his miserery.

The film was shot on location in Norway, Germany and Belgium and is directed by Iyad Abu Rok and produced by Rok Art Production.

Director(s): Iyad M S Aburok

Bio: "Iyad Aburok born 1978 in Palestina, lives in Lillehammer  Norway and hold a Bachlor'd degree in Regie  and Theater Sciences in Kairo University.  I managed Rok ART Production and have  proven track record in working in various multilingual and cultural environments thus having skills to direct and produce content attractive to viewers of different origins and cultures leading to immediate international exposure

Rok ART management has the international connections with top media personalities and high profile production company owners in Europe like Germany, Switzerland and  several middle eastern countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, Lebanon and Palestine

Our Intent is  based on the fact that media is a powerful tool that helps promote positive views on any issue/country thus expanding the country's economic and tourist strengths with Worldwide are countries that represent a   wonderful civil example for freedom, education, natural resources and development. "


Runtime: 0:03:00

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: United Kingdom (No Dialogue)

Synopsis: "A group of Hong Kong people trying to stop an unjust law and protect their rights from the biggest dictatorship in the world. Five demands, not one less."

Director(s): Wai Ying Tiffany Tong

Bio: "Tiffany is a filmmaker and producer from Hong Kong. She created her first film during her Animation MA at the University of the West of England. She had work as a producer for her peer’s project, at the same time she is working on her creative work as well.

She loves hamsters, roasted white chocolate and cats."

The Ashram Children: I am No Body, I Have No Body

Runtime: 1:07:00

Category/Genre: Documentary (Family, Education, Cult, Religion, Guru, sect, personal, journey)

Country/Language: Israel (English, Hebrew)

Synopsis: For 20 years, Jonathan, the filmmaker grew up in Jerusalem and in an Ashram in India, which he had to keep secret. In the Ashram he was taught to dedicate his life to the Guru, to always think of him. That way, one could finally reach his goal in life, awaken from the illusion, realize the "truth", and become enlightened. 20 years (and a lot of therapy) later, the director sets on a journey to understand the secret he was forced to keep about India throughout his entire life, the effect it has on him even now, to find out what happened to the other Ashram children and finally understand: had he been raised in a cult?

Director(s): Jonathan Ofek

Bio: Jonathan Ofek is a Director, screenwriter and cinematographer, he directed the short films: "Adam's day", "Requiem for a snail". And was the cinematographer on many films, among of which are award winning: "The substitute", "Flipping out" by Yoav Shamir, "No free lunch", "Quantom leap", "Codetta" and more

When The Eyes Are Closed

Runtime: 0:05:46

Category/Genre: Short Shorts (Horror)

Country/Language: United States (English)

Synopsis: "A young girl moves to a new apartment, but she has a ""roommate"" that she doesn't know. Every time her eyes close, it appears next to her. It's too late when she finally senses it.  The director’s film practice aims to explore Chinese horror film. This film is inspired by the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, Yang-qi (yang energy),the motive power for metabolism and physiological functions of the human body. When people are physically or mentally fatigued, yang-qi in the human body will drop, and at such times people will be more easily influenced by evil spirits.  In this short film, the director chooses not to use traditional horror film techniques like building suspense,but to experiment an imprinting effect to the audiences, which is the idea that ""every time you close your eyes, you wash face, take a shower and so on, something maybe next to you, but you will never know. Because when the eyes are open it will be invisible."" To create lingering fear even after cinema. "

Director(s): Zhang Xiaoan

Bio: "Zhang Xiaoan is a writer and director born in Xinjiang, China, and is currently based in Melbourne, Australia. He received his Master’s Degree in Film and Media Study at State University of New York at Buffalo in the USA,  and further studied in the School of Film and TV at The University of Melbourne.  Zhang's films have been screened worldwide including North America, Europe, and Australia. He has years of experience working in the film industry of China and Australia."

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