2020 ProgramPart 1

Schedule of Blocks


SEPTEMBER 18, 2020


6:30P              Block: Surprise

9:30P              Block: Northern Europe


SEPTEMBER 19, 2020


12:00P            Block: Shorts

3:00P              Block: European Variety

6:30P              Block: UK/US Documentaries and Shorts

9:15P              Block: Global Drama


SEPTEMBER 20, 2020


12:00P            Block: India Serious

3:30P              Block: International

6:30P              Block: Winners




Block: Winners - Sunday 09/20/20 at 6:30 pm


I'll call you later

Runtime: 0:01:00

Best Animation

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: Romania/English

Synopsis: What later means to you or your parent? Time has different definitions and implies diverse expectations; sometimes, a thin line between comparative and superlative.

Director(s): Maria Scutaru

Not Without A Fight

Runtime: 0:22:08


Category/Genre: Documentary

Country/Language: Netherlands/Dutch

Synopsis: "Xavier Köhlen became a European karate champion at a young age. He has won four national championship titles as a boxer. In the meantime, he also completed two university degrees. In this film we see his successes but also that the loss of his first boxing trainer and best friend, John Huiveneers, is still hard to accept."

Director(s): Daniël Beckers

Bio: "I am 41 years old, living in Maastricht and I have been an amateur filmmaker for three years.Not Without a Fight is my first short documentary."


Runtime: 0:01:54

Best Choreography

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: China

Synopsis: "Flow and stillness" is the theme of this work. The two topics expressed in the heavy factory and on the light paper are interchangeable. The image of "paper" can be bright and dark, light and heavy, and it can be constantly changed. It can be used under anti-gravity to form an uncontrollable factor.

Director(s): Jiang Xiong

Bio: "My name is Jiang Xiong, English name is Banzai, and I am from China. Formerly worked in the Battle Flag Cultural Regiment of the Chengdu Military Region, participated in the Cirque du Soleil "Dragon and Lion", China's Broadway super-dimensional drama "Peter Pan's Adventure Island", the original musical "Qiu Pants and Rolling Pin", and is currently studying in the choreography department of Beijing Dance Academy, Is a junior.  I am now an actor, dancer, director / director. I can also say that I am a director who is passionate about three performing media: drama, dance, and video. The modern dance drama "Layer" created in the school was invited to participate in the carnival section of the 7th Wuzhen Art Festival, which was very popular with the audience. And he created many dance video works by himself. He has collaborated with many theater people, participated in workshops, read aloud scripts, and rehearsed. When working with people in different professions across borders, he found different thinking of people in different fields and he also learned from them. At present, theater is my development research direction, and limbs are my specialty. Drama is inseparable from limbs. What I want to do is how to make limbs speak better in "theaters"."


Runtime: 0:01:00

Best Film in category

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: Italy

Synopsis: "Why being to the hairdresser is becoming a nightmare? And what about all this confusion? A VERY SHORT MOVIE SHOT WITH AN IPHONE 6"

Director(s): Francesco Faralli

Bio: Francesco Faralli studied 5 years in The International Academy of Image Arts and Sciences (AQ) in Italy. Now he works as a freelance director and editor in Tuscany, Italy.


Zombies in the sugar cane field

Runtime: 1:38:26


Category/Genre: Narrative Feature (Mockumentary, Biography)

Country/Language: Argentina/Spanish

Synopsis: "In 1965 a shocking horror movie was filmed in Argentina. Released only in the US and because of the censorship the film disappears forever. Years later Miranda decide to initiate a trial for plagiarism to the producers of ""Night of the living dead"" (1968) because he considers Romero’s film a copy of “Zombies in the sugar cane field”.

STATEMENT: While the film is called ""Zombies in the sugar cane field. The documentary"" is a fiction film within the mockumentary genre."

Director(s): Pablo Schembri

Bio: "Manager of the production company “Películas Zapruder”.

Screenwriter, director and producer of the feature film “Zombies in the sugar cane field. The documentary” (2019).

Director and screenwriter of “Secret North. Stories and legends of the Argentine northwest” (TV documentary 2 seasons series / 2015 - 2018).

Screenwriter of “Kuska Kay” (TV show / 2015).

Screenwriter and director of “Shadow play” (web series project).

Art director in “Wounded Animals”  (web series / 2019)."

Block: Surprise - Friday 09/18/20 at 6:30 pm 

Day After Day

Runtime: 0:04:14

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: United States/English

Synopsis: After a World War that desecrates America, a dog lives his life day after day in the past of what once was.

Director(s): Zane Hampton


Runtime: 0:05:26

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: India/English, Hindi

Synopsis: There is a story of a couple whose life was going well, but after one night that love life became dangerous and scary.

Director(s): Dipjoy Routh

Essence of Goodness: The Harold Axtell Story

Runtime: 0:25:00

Category/Genre: Documentary

Country/Language: Canada/English

Synopsis: Documentary film on the life of Dr. Harold Axtell, raised in an abusive family he went on to play trombone in the Isle O'Blues Orchestra and tour the world. When the music ended, Harold got his BA and Ph.D at Cornell University and went on to become one of the leading Naturalists/Ornithologists in North America. The legacy he left behind of memories, letters, diaries, notes and photos reveal a man of great philosophy, depth and a passion for life. 

Director(s): Christopher Darton

Bio: "Christopher Darton (director/camera/producer/editor) is a Métis writer and filmmaker who has worked as a freelance writer, photographer and filmmaker for the past 30 years since graduating from Sheridan College in Film. Growing up in Fort Erie, Ontario Chris played hockey and read comic books like any normal Canadian kid until the start of the home video revolution in the early 80’s. Owning one of the first beta systems on the market and fertile imagination Chris began watching 2 or 3 movies a day and shooting his own movies on Super 8mm. After college Chris worked for 5 years in a video store where he immersed himself in films of all sorts: horror, drama, foreign, action ... watching anything he could get his hands on. Chris has produced/directed two feature length documentary films for his production company Blues Harp Productions: The Way We Was: The Story of the Kendall Wall Band and Hard Working Man: The Music and Miracles of Danny Brooks.  He is currently at work on his third feature film … a documentary on the life of musician Richard Newell aka King Biscuit Boy.  As well he has two short subject documentaries in the works to be completed in 2019. Chris also acts as Producer for Skeleton Crew Entertainment.  Producing the award winning music video/mini horror film Halloween Baby for veteran Canadian rockers Bobnoxious.  In 2017 Skeleton Crew Entertainment released 37% Pure Evil which premiered at Frightmare in the Falls in Niagara Falls Ontario; as well the film was an Official Selection at Shock Stock 2018 where it won the Crystal Shocker Award for Best Screenplay."


Runtime: 0:06:16

Category/Genre: Short Shorts (horror, fantasy, thriller, experimental)

Country/Language: United States/English

Synopsis: A new apocalyptic horror take on the classic fairy tale Hansel and Gretel

Director(s): Jesse Crum, Christopher Shaw


Let's Get Lost!

Runtime: 0:01:28

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: United States/English

Synopsis: Take a wild and hyper-kinetic look at the world, as “Let’s Get Lost” autobiographically enters the mind of an ordinary human being who’s mind is constantly on the run.

Director(s): Angelo Grajo

One Minute to Midnight

Runtime: 0:06:53

Category/Genre: Short Shorts (Sci-Fi, Social sci-fi)

Country/Language: United States/English

Synopsis: "A scientist creates a powerful weapons energy source, more powerful than he knows.

Bio: James Brammer is currently studying film in the Ballard High School Digital Filmmaking Program. He enjoys writing and producing a variety of different genres.

Pain Is The Agent Of Change

Runtime: 0:13:29

Category/Genre: Shorts (Drama)

Country/Language: United States/English

Synopsis: "After months following his brother's death. Julian questions his upbringings on how to process pain in life. "What if being strong isn't an option?"

Director(s): Tristien Marcellous Winfree

Bio: Tristien Marcellous Winfree is more than grateful to start his film festival circuit run. He's a local Chicago writer, director, actor, producer, teaching artist, and filmmaker. He attended The University of Houston-Downtown studying Fine Arts. Mr Winfree has had the privilege to perform and collaborate with theatre companies such as The Alley Theatre, Ensemble Theatre, Pride Film & Plays, Goodman Theatre, Congo Square Theatre, Oak Park Festival, Chicago Dramatist, LatinX Theatre Commons, and other companies. Film & Commercial credits include Pain Is The Agent Of Change Short Film, The Healing Begins Documentary, The Tie Bar, Big Break, Teen Prevention, Wind stream Kinetic Energy. Mr Winfree is a huge advocate for mental health awareness. He uses his platform to make change in the world one step at a time.


Runtime: 0:03:09

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: United States/English

Synopsis: A man who holds too many secrets goes to confess to a sacred tree...

Director(s): Fu Yang

Bio: "Fu Yang worked on several theatrical productions being an actor, a scenic designer, and a motionographer during her college years. Later on, she studied her MFA in Film Animation at the Academy of Art University. Before graduation, she achieved her ambition to produce her experimental stop-motion short of her own. She brings unique handmade design and combines stop motion, drawn animation and motion graphics in her projects.  he thrives on creating a believable world and invites the audience into the mood with performance, music, and lighting."

Thanatos The Arrival

Runtime: 0:06:59

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: United States/English

Synopsis: When an armed robbery goes wrong. It leaves Lee on the run and hiding out from the police. When he is greeted by death and his whole reality is in question.

Director(s): Shawn D. Holt


The Blue Butterflies Path

Runtime: 0:11:57


Category/Genre: Animation

Country/Language: Brazil/Portuguese

Synopsis: "The Blue Butterflies Path" is a contemporary fable in which a maned wolf cub awakens to life in the Brazilian wild plains and goes into a contemplative journey to find the true meaning of love. Among the brutality of a doomed world, a symbolic battle between altruism and selfishness is waged by animals at risk of extinction.

Director(s): Vini Wolf

Bio: "Vini Wolf is a multifunctional brazilian artist who has worked in the animation industry for over 12 years, developing and producing brazillian animation hits such as ""Jorel's Brother"" ( Cartoon Network - Latin America ) and ""Tito and the Birds"" ( Annecy 2018 ). He grew up between the bucolic farms of Goiás countryside and the violent suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. He studied at the Federal School of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro and started his career as one of the creative members of Copa Studio ( 2007/2015). In 2015, he moved to São Paulo, where, since then, he produces and develops new projects with Split Studio and other partners."

Toby...with an "i"

Runtime: 0:07:04

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: United States/English

Synopsis: A group of guys playing poker.

Director(s): David Weishaar


Runtime: 0:06:50

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: India/English


Women in a men’s world

Runtime: 0:25:30

Category/Genre: Documentary

Country/Language: Argentina/Spanish

Synopsis: “Women in a men’s world” is a documentary film about women who perform a series of socially accepted male dominated occupations challenging traditional stereotypes.

Why do certain jobs must be performed only by men?

A woman who works in concrete construction, a butcher’s owner and a taxi driver narrate how they do their jobs every day and how they fight against social and cultural assumptions to achieve gender equality in the workplace.

Even though significant advances are being made in order to gain more women’s rights, some misconceptions and beliefs that have a negative impact in terms of gender equality are still persistent. The objective of this documentary film is to show that gender is not defining when it comes to carrying out a job. In fact, both genders, male and female possess the same conditions that are needed to do a job. "

Director(s): Gastón Guerini

Bio: Born in 1993 in Marcos Juárez, he resides in Villa María Argentina. Audiovisual producer and actor, has several productions made between short films, documentaries, television programs, advertising spots, among others. It stands out the participation in audiovisual productions recognized nationally and internationally as the short films Carmesí (2016) where he served as director and scriptwriter. She is part of the gender film production company Other Plan Films since 2017, where the following audiovisual productions stand out: 5th. Order (2017), Outsider (2017), Present (2018) , Proyecto Eolo (2019), El número final (2019) and fictional web series Fiction Crew (2018)."

Block: Shorts - Saturday 09/19/20 at 12:00 pm



Runtime: 0:19:08

Category/Genre: Shorts

Country/Language: Iran, Islamic Republic of (Arabic, Kurdish, Persian)

Synopsis: "An Iranian journalist couple wants to move to America to escape the difficulties of their country. The woman receives her visa but her husband doesn’t. He stays in Iran and watches his wife find success on television and falls into a state of depression."

Director(s): Mehrnoosh Fetrat

Bio: "Mehrnoosh Fetrat is an Iranian filmmaker whose had a strong passion for literature and cinema since childhood. She received her MA in Cinema from the Tehran University of Art. She moved to the United States in 2017 after being awarded a University Fellowship--one

of the most prestigious fellowships--in the MFA program in Film and Media Arts at Temple University in Philadelphia, where she is currently a student. She has written, produced and directed three short films War Game, America and Copsi which have been screened in many festivals and galleries such as BlackStar Film Festival, Tehran International Film Festival, Trenton Film Festival, Vox Populi Gallery, Frames Film Festival, River Film Festival, Sundance Collab, London Iranian Film Festival, UFVA and many other places. They were nominated and won several awards. America is now available on Comcast’s Streampix movie service. CFMDC--Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Center--is the distribution company for her films. War Game, recently finished, is now in the distribution process. She is working on the script of Bed Bug which would be her next project. She runs the Utopia Film Club at Temple University which provides a place for all cinephiles to watch and discuss Avant-garde and alternative cinema. Utopia Film Club has had screenings every month since 2017."


Runtime: 0:20:00

Category/Genre: Shorts

Country/Language: Kazakhstan (Kazakh)

Synopsis: “The end of the 1990's. Two brother teenagers Yermek and Yeraly only had come home after handing over empty glass bottles for money, and saw that parents were fighting because of lack of money. The drama unfolds!”

Director(s): Yelaman Shaubanov


Runtime: 0:19:00


Category/Genre: Shorts

Country/Language: France

Director(s): Pierre La Gall, Sarah Malléon


Runtime: 0:12:00

Category/Genre: Shorts

Country/Language: Iran, Islamic Republic of (Persian)

Synopsis: "The boy says to his mother on the eve of the death sentence: I know you betrayed Dad, I saw you…"

Director(s): Hamed Vaghari

Bio: "directed by 7 short film.


Runtime: 0:13:50

Category/Genre: Shorts

Country/Language: Lebanon (Arabic)

Synopsis: Mazen, a 35-year-old man who lives with mannequins and treats as his own family whom he had lost in a car crash. Since then he lives in agony despite the fake company, he created for himself.

Director(s): Fadel Marji, Moustafa Ghabris

Bio: "Fadel Marji was born in Lebanon and lived all his childhood in Saudi Arabia. He grew up with immense passion towards watching animation and movies allowing his imagination to stretch and grow since his young years. Fadel studied Radio/TV at the Lebanese International University in 2016 and graduated in early 2020. He started his career path with great experience in sales, marketing and hospitality, which gave him high flexibility due to working in several environments such as restaurants, markets and a printing house.   He made a senior short film titled “Stillness” 14 min long, in addition to three other movies – my city, the hunt, and the last man. Fadel also interned at the Al-Jadeed national TV station in Lebanon for 4 months in 2019, in which he trained in the domain of after-effects, cinema 4d, and info graphics in the evening news anchor.

The Night Owl

Runtime: 0:11:34

Category/Genre: Shorts

Country/Language: Norway (Norwegian)

Synopsis: A burglar enters a home in the suburbs, only to find the home owner dead in the bathtub. What happens when a person on the outside of society finds himself in a moral dilemma?

Director(s): Thomas Dalen


Runtime: 0:25:53

Category/Genre: Shorts

Country/Language: India (Hindi, Urdu)

Synopsis: "Set in the backdrop of tensed Hindu-Muslim Kashmir, this film is about two lovers Karthik and Imran who are deeply in love with each other despite the fact that they belong to different religions and their community would deny their union. In the hope to find solace and love, they escape Kashmir following death threats from Muslim community priest(Maulana).

Karthik loves to write and is reviving the memories of his lost lover in a heart-breaking poetry. The story takes on a journey few years back, when they moved in and happily settled in a small village called Kamshet (Maharashtra).Only rightfully when the universe finally obliged, life had different plans for them. After an year Imran gets sick, in order to save him, emotionally inexpressive and confused Karthik starts making money the wrong way, all this while hiding from Imran. Due to this he started faltering and couldn't spend enough time with Imran. This upsets Imran and leads to a heavy misunderstanding and they fight a near breakup. Following this Imran goes back to Kashmir in order to spend some time on his own, only to never return again."

Director(s): Taruna Khanagwal

Bio: Taruna Khanagwal is a Writer/Director in Bollywood Industry, Mumbai, India. She has written and directed short films titled "Papa" and "The Foreigner". She has also assisted Bollywood's well known director/producer Ram Gopal Varma on his feature film titled "Beautiful - An Ode to Rangeela" as a Chief Assistant Director. She has also written and directed a few Brand Advertisements as well.

Block: Northern Europe - 09/18/20 at 9:30 pm 



Runtime: 0:08:25

Category/Genre: Short Shorts (Sci-Fi, Drama, Thriller)

Country/Language: Turkey (Turkish)

Synopsis: "While an ordinary-looking man ,who wakes up on an ordinary day, was getting ready to go out he finds himself on the -2nd floor. He tries every way to get out of there, but all the exits go to the same place"

Director(s): Hakan Gül

Bio: He was born in 1999 in Hatay in Turkey.  He is currently a student at Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Film Design.


Runtime: 1:33:00

Category/Genre: Narrative Feature

Country/Language: Slovenia (Slovenian)

Synopsis: "Leon Gall is a police inspector in his late thirties. In “Little Street”, where he grew up with his late mother, a drug addict, the “Rihter Corporation” is planning to build the biggest building complex in town’s history. Leon Gall finds out through his girlfriend, a high-end prostitute Veronika Gril, who is pleasing one of the men in charge of the building project, a politician named Hainc, that the purchase of one of the building parcels was suspicious. Watch the drama unfold!”


Runtime: 0:08:00

Category/Genre: Short Shorts (drama, mystery)

Country/Language: Serbia (Serbian)

Synopsis: "21st century. The era of neoliberalism, consumerism and virtual reality – blank stares, absent minds and dead souls. Far from this world communities that haven’t said farewell to the old-fashioned values can still be found. In one of those districts lives a truck driver who just wants to put an end to a long and tiring day.

Inspired by the Italian neo-realists, shot in natural surroundings, with equipment far behind today’s standards, this project is an attempt to pave the way for a different kind of film in a society burdened with expensive technology."

Director(s): Stefan Teofilovic

Bio: Stefan Teofilovic (born December 27, 1991) is a Serbian filmmaker. Upon finishing Basic Academic Studies of Management, he made a transition from economics to the film sector.  Teofilovic is a co-founder of the independent film studio Reditus Film. He had his directional debut with a short film Load (2017) on which he also worked as an editor and a screenwriter. Following this, he worked as a cinematographer in a movie titled Life (2018). He was recognized for his work on several occasions and among the awards he received are Special Award for Best Photography at VIVA Film Festival (2018); Best Experimental Short Film at Global Film Festival Awards (2018); Special Award for Visual Solution at Short Cut Film Festival (2018).

Merry X-Mas

Runtime: 0:08:25

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: Russian Federation (Russian)

Synopsis: The guy, experiencing a strong hangover, wakes up on Christmas night because of persistent calls and knocks on the door. Strange Santa Claus appears on the threshold, looking more like a homeless person, and gets into the apartment under the absurd excuse. It turns out that he is not alone, and after him the second Santa Claus goes inside. Then the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Santa Claus secretly get into the apartment, and they arrange a real mess. The situation is rapidly getting out of control, and the absurdity reaches such a level that the hero begins to doubt the reality of what is happening.

Director(s): Ivan Zabazhanov

Bio: Received two higher educations. One of them is in the British Higher School of Design. He worked in top international advertising agencies as a copywriter. Created a large number of commercials for the largest brands in the world. Now he is studying at the Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Directors in Moscow, Russia.



Runtime: 0:05:10

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: United States (English)

Synopsis: "The short film "Nobody" an allegorical tale of the loss of self in our modern society and how the loss of others among us goes seldom noticed. 

In the film, the loss is the main character's own choice to die.  But how does one die, if one has never lived? The brief tale shows us that ""Nobody"" does have a life, and he has lived. Does he carry on?  Does he give up?

The purpose of the wife and infant child is to show that Nobody *IS* somebody and that his namesake is a societal moniker that he does not deserve.  The film shows the passage of time and the human relationship rights of passage; marriage, birth, passion, loss of love, and ultimately, the end."

Director(s): W. Kevin Donaldson

Bio: W. Kevin Donaldson is a Charlotte, North Carolina filmmaker who has created his first independent short film, "Nobody". As a self-described film fanatic, Donaldson has been involved with film and television production since he was sixteen years old. Donaldson is originally from Charleston, South Carolina and professionally he worked for ten years in film, television, and live theatre originally as a grip/electric and eventually as a boom-operator and sound engineer. 

Block: International - Sunday 09/20/20 at 3:30 pm


Bring me back to Life

Runtime: 0:03:00

Category/Genre: Short Shorts (Drama, Experimental, philosophical)

Country/Language: Iran, Islamic Republic of (No Dialogue)

Synopsis: Can We Bring Our Life Back?

Director(s): Amir Ali Mohajery

Bio: "Amirali Mohajery was born in 1992 in Tehran, Iran. He studied English literature Master of art at university. After writing many short stories for 3 years he decided to become a filmmaker in order to make his script and stories into films. Due to his undefined love for cinema, he enrolled for film-making courses in which he graduated from the courses after 4 years of education. His first short film Utopia was officially selected in:

• San Maru short Film Festival of Italy 2017

• African smartphone international film 2017

• Marano Ragazzi Spot festival 2017

• Caribbean film festival & Market 2017

He has been collaborating for more than 10 short films as a director's assistance up to now and also has written 2 dramas for a theater."

I'm here

Runtime: 0:03:09

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: Denmark (English)

Synopsis: How will the last couple of hours be like on earth if we were forced to leave it, is everyone invited on a  journey to a new place or will some be left behind, and who decides who is staying and who is leaving.

Director(s): Kasper Christiansen


Runtime: 0:10:00

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: India (Tamil)

Synopsis: Tarun wanted sports shoes for his birthday but His father can't afford. Tarun & His sister Harini fully showcase how the society who has more than needed can help the one in need and create true 'JOY'.

Director(s): Mohanraj Sivalingam

Bio: I've grown up watching world movies at film festivals and always wanted to become a fine filmmaker. I've been part of numerous commercials as an assistant director with few Indian Ad film directors in the past. Now directing independently.

Last Wish

Runtime: 0:02:22

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: India (No Dialogue)

Synopsis: Dealing with the loss of a beloved friend.

Director(s): Arin Paul

Bio: "With the motivation to work independently and create meaningful content, I, in 2012, started directing and producing films under my own banner, “Arin Paul Productions” which is into production and film-making. Many of the aforementioned projects were made under this banner. Always looking for challenging and interesting projects, I never compromise on quality or content. I do work for other productions too. 



Runtime: 0:04:16

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: Italy (English)


"It is said that a perfect storm created the perfect place.

It is said that a Planet named Theia, colliding with Earth, created the moon.

In a simple summer night, we told the story of a boy, who like Theia, collided with Earth

giving life to Lady Vivienne."

Director(s): Simone Corallini


Runtime: 0:03:45

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: Belgium (English)

Synopsis: “Animated music video based on the song of singer Britney Spears.

Britney Jean Spears (born December 2, 1981) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress. Born in McComb, Mississippi and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana, she appeared in stage productions and television series, before signing with Jive Records in 1997. Spears's first two studio albums, ...Baby One More Time (1999) and Oops!... I Did It Again (2000), were global successes and made her the best-selling teenage artist of all-time. Referred to as the ""Princess of Pop"", Spears is regarded as a pop icon and is credited with influencing the revival of teen pop during the late 1990s and early 2000s."

Director(s): Konstantin Mosencov

Bio: Winner of over 100 international film festivals.


Runtime: 0:08:15

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: Taiwan (Chinese)

Synopsis: "Youth is like the shortness of breath, unspeakable words, and unpredictable rainy season》

Roh-nan is a member of High School Athletic team, she develops romantic feeling toward the trainee teacher Ah-Chian, today is the day Ah-Chian has to leave the school, could Roh-nan convey her feeling to Ah-Chian in time?"

Director(s): Jen Wei Chun

Bio: Jen Wei Chun, experienced with directing and artistic endeavors, skilled at film directing, animation production, script writing, illustration and graphic design. Employed as art director and film director at advertising firms, and show director at cable network, presently he is a freelance playwright-director, animator and teacher at community college.

You will be a man

Runtime: 1:30:00

Category/Genre: Documentary

Country/Language: Spain (Spanish)

Synopsis: "Why is there violence against women? We try to answer that by the hand of a former pimp, Rafael, trapped by his past, and an artist, Abel Azcona, son of a prostitute, who transforms his pain into provocative performances.

In parallel, the class of a high school teacher and a team of publicists become debate scenarios on the same topic, while several influential men ́s reflections are addressing the issue of masculinity from multiple points of view.

Bio: Isabel de Ocampo is a producer, screenwriter and filmmaker. She is a graduate in Image Science from the Complutense University of Madrid, and studied Cinema Direction at ECAM. In 2009, she won the Goya Award for the Best Short Fictional Film for " MIENTE"  ("SHE LIES"): among other national and international awards. She was nominated again for the Goya Award for the Best New Director for her feature film "EVELYN" (2012). Both films deal with the sexual trafficking of women and girls. She also directed and produced "PIRATES AND DRAGONFLIES" (2013), a documentary dealing with adolescents, theatre and violence, and she has finished "SERÁS HOMBRE" ("YOU WILL BE A MAN") (2019), a documentary which explores the socio-cultural make-up of the male gender. As activist she has been president of CIMA (Spanish Women Cinema Association, https://cimamujerescineastas.es) and executive president and founder member of  EWA Network (https://www.ewawomen.com/the-team/)

Block: India Serious - Sunday 09/20/20 at 12:00 pm 


8119 Miles

Runtime: 1:50:00

Category/Genre: Narrative Feature

Country/Language: United Kingdom (English)

Synopsis: Gabriel D'Selva is a mechanic from Goa, Western India. His greatest dream is to visit the UK, a dream that was born from a reason only known to him.  He fails to secure a visa despite several attempts. A desperate Gabriel resorts to an ancient route used by illegal migrants to travel without documents. Along with a stranger, Anil, Gabriel travels across two continents, different time zones to his destination. Uncertainties, difficulties, deserts, Snow, cultures, and faith shape their journey.

Director(s): Joe Eshwar

Bio: Joe Eshwar born on 8th of February, 1975 is an Indian screenwriter and film director. Kunthapura (2013) is his first feature which won him a Special Jury Mention at Kerala Film Critics awards. He has directed  26 documentaries, 3 commercials and 5 short films. 8119 Miles is his second feature.



Runtime: 0:09:47

Category/Genre: Short Shorts

Country/Language: India (Hindi)

Synopsis: India is a developing and predominantly agrarian economy. 70% of its population is rural, of those households, 60% engage in agriculture as their main source of income. Agriculture is an engine of growth and poverty reduction in developing countries where it is the main occupation of the poor. Many women, in developing countries, are major producers of food. Nearly 63% of all economically active men are engaged in agriculture as compared to 78% of women. It is observed that women play a significant role in agricultural development and allied activities including main crop production, live-stock production, horticulture, post-harvesting operations etc. About 70% of farm work is performed by women. Women farmers do not have equal access to productive resources and this significantly limits their potential in enhancing productivity. The present paper shows that the contribution of women in agriculture is extremely significant. It also throws light on the obstacles faced by them in terms of less access to productive resources which do not recognize her work as an active productive member.

Director(s): Mansi SinghBio: "Hi, I am Mansi Singh. I'm from Chapra, Bihar. I am currently studying Communication Design in Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur. I have a keen interest in studying and filming about social issues and the current situation of the society. I want to travel and cover the whole country with my camera. I want to see how the common people of our country live and tackle their day to day life."

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